A Splurge, In Retrospect: Wildfox Malibu Skinny Sweats

Oh Wildfox, so popularized, so expensive, but is it worth it?
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A Splurge, In Retrospect: Lululemon Wunder Under Pant

The yogi/dancer in me keeps bringing me back to Lululemon. Despite the high prices and reports of diminishing quality, I am proud to say that I do not regret splurging on their special textured Wunder Under Pants.

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Clothing Spotlight: Tara Tank

I do not wear anything that is not comfortable, and these tanks certainly pass the test. They are the ultimate must-have basic. I have these tanks in 5 different colors: gray, white, cherise, dragonfly, and maroon. I love them so much that I even settled for the tanks in different sizes because Whole Foods (yes, Whole Foods has clothes!) did not have more of my size in different colors. Luckily, I found that you can buy these tanks online, so you do not have to buy different sizes like me. Continue reading