Life Hacks and Tips #1

Happy Earth Day/Hump Day! Here are several life hacks/tips to make your life a little better and easier to get you through the rest of the week.

Use a block in yoga.
I know you have probably heard your yoga teacher say this a million times (I know I have), but using a block really does not make you a lesser yogi. I never used a block when I first started because I never felt I needed to. Little did I know, a block can really help you with anything you have even the slightest problem doing. So unless you are a magical human being, and every pose comes easily to you, you should definitely try using a block! Personally, I use a block for reverse half moon, which is a pose that I detested before my wonderful discovery of the block, and pigeon, which oddly enough, I struggle to do despite my ability to do the splits and frog easily. If you have tight hips and struggle doing pigeon, I highly recommend the block because the feeling is glorious.

Wear your backpack higher.
I have no idea why, but I’ve always worn my backpack relatively low to the point where it is covering half of my butt. I feel like in middle school (the worst part of life), I got the idea that wearing your backpack high was “uncool.” Anyway, because I have had the same backpack since then, the habit has stayed with me until recently, when I discovered that I had been wearing my backpack low (I had completely forgot that I had ever changed it), and that had been giving me back pain. Not only is wearing your backpack higher kinder to your back and will thus serve you dividends in the future, it makes your back feel better immediately upon pulling those straps to adjust your backpack’s height on your back. Your backpack becomes easier to carry once you do this, and your back will thank you.
Extra tip: If your backpack changes strap length on a whim like mine does, tie a single knot on each strap by the strap adjuster to prevent your straps from becoming unequal from length, which is also mean and hateful to your back.

Use a paper clip to keep your extra hair ties together in your purse/backpack/etc.
It’s always good to have extra hair ties on hand. For me, I need them on days when I go to the gym only to find that I did not put a hair tie around my wrist the morning of. Carrying around these hair ties can be a pain though. Before using a paper clip, mine had been just scattered around in the small pocket of my backpack. I’m not a neat freak, but that bothered me. Thus, I discovered the perfect hair tie holder: a paper clip! It’s perfect because it easily holds whatever form you sculpt it in. Thus, it stays closed when holding your hair ties, and when you need a hair tie, it is easy to open the loop and access said hair tie. Just change the paper clip from the original form to the form in the picture above!


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