A Splurge, In Retrospect: Wildfox Malibu Skinny Sweats

Oh Wildfox, so popularized, so expensive, but is it worth it?
Today, I am writing a review for Wildfox Malibu Skinny Sweats. Before buying these sweatpants, whenever I went to Nordstrom, I would always peruse their Wildfox selection, sighing because all of the items are always way out of my price range. For some reason, I just thought (and sadly, still kind of do think) that just one piece of Wildfox clothing would make me so happy. That is how talented their brand is at marketing. They have even managed to steal the heart of my favorite celebrity, Mindy Kaling. “Mindy Kaling recommends their Room Service Robe, and therefore, I must get their Room Service Robe!” – a typical thought in my head. Consequently, when I saw that Shopbop was selling their Basic Malibu Skinny Sweats for $50 (original price $98), I immediately placed an order. Upon arrival, I was sad to see that though extremely comfortable, the sweats were just too long for me, and too wide around my hips. I had purchased a small (I am 5′ 3″ with a petite build), so I decided to exchange the small for an x-small, hoping that the x-small would fit better. When the x-small sweats arrived, I was disappointed once again. Though the waist fit fine, the sweats were still slightly too long, and the elastic at the bottom squeezed the life out of my ankles. I returned these sweats, leaving myself sad and Wildfox-less. Though I bought the Basic Malibu Skinny Sweats, this review really applies to all Malibu Skinny Sweats, since the adjective before “Malibu” really just designates the color. To sum up, Wildfox Malibu Skinny sweats are extremely comfortable. The material truly is unlike any other. However, if you are short with a petite build like me, these sweats are probably not for you. I would say these sweats are ideal for tall people with tiny bones. I really wish these sweats had worked out for me, but alas, they did not. Maybe Wildfox tops will be better? I really would also love to try their Room Service Robe. Sigh, is it sad that I still really want something Wildfox? It is.


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