The Comfy Things in Life: Rubbish, Victoria’s Secret, Brandy Melville

Happy Friday! Today I thought I would share what some of the most comfortable things in my closet are, starting with a sweater from Nordstrom.


I actually have an interesting story about this sweater by Rubbish. When I initially found the sweater, it was $48 in the “Last One Left” rack (I don’t remember the exact name of the rack, but it was something to that effect). I fell in love, but since I only had $30 to spend, I left. Because I bought two new jackets from Aerie with my $30, I never really thought about the sweater again. About a month later, I went on a “shopping spree,” my Christmas gift from my boyfriend. Being the extremely picky shopper that I am, I had spent several hours at the mall with nothing to show for it. Then, I went to another mall, and at their Nordstrom, which is the one I had originally found the sweater at, I saw the sweater again! And this time, it was on sale for $24. I could not believe that this one sweater was still there a month later. It had to be fate, so I immediately bought it. The tag says hand wash only, but honestly, it is completely fine in a washing machine and dryer. It did not shrink (or at least I did not notice any shrinking), and it maintained it softness. This really is the best sweater I have ever found. No itchiness, no heavenly softness on the outside with a mediocre softness on the inside (why do clothing lines do that?). Also, it is surprisingly warm, and on really cold days, it goes great with the raglan shirt (which I am about to discuss) underneath for extra warmth. I do not know how long Nordstrom will have this sweater, so you should definitely buy it here before it is gone!

These raglan shirts from Victoria’s Secret are so awesome that I have seven of them. They are extremely comfortable and very versatile. Not only do I sleep in them regularly, I also wear them out. They are great for layering, such as under that Rubbish sweatshirt for cold days, or over the Tara Tank (read about it here) on days with only a little bit of chill. Also, unlike so many other tops from the Victoria’s Secret Pink line, this one does not say PINK in huge letters everywhere, which is a huge plus for me. Buy them here.

These are Vodi Shorts from Brandy Melville, and they are honestly the softest things that will ever cover your butt. They are excellent for sleeping in, wearing around the house, or even wearing out. However, I did recently discover a minuscule hole in one of mine (I have two), which unfortunately happens for literally every piece of clothing I have bought from Brandy Melville. Alas, since these shorts are still extremely comfortable, and since there is no hole that cannot be sewn up, I am recommending them to you. Plus, they are only $15. Buy them here.


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